The #1 Sign You’re Not in Suburbia Anymore…

Antlers on the wall. Yep, you heard me correctly.





Not real, obviously for the simple reason that I love Bambi, but I’m sure one day in the future I’ll be trying to figure out how to style a mounted deer head. #newhampshirelife

Until then, I’ll have this piece to act as a placeholder:


Pretty cute, right? The design is from my photography logo, and the project was super easy to do. I’ve made string art once before and loved the outcome, so I did basically the exact same thing. Same nails, wood stain, twine, and wood.


For an added pop of color, I painted the edges with Behr’s Lipstick, also seen here in the back of my shoe shelf. It’s almost exactly the same as the color of the heart in the logo, and it adds a fun flair. I can’t believe I now have two things painted sort of pink in our house. Am I becoming more girly? EW.

IMG_5521In order to hang it, I marked out the center of the piece and drilled a large hole (not all the way through) so that a screw head would fit comfortably in it.


I printed the logo out (pretty big) and then taped it together and figured out where I wanted it on the wood piece. Once that was secured, I started putting the nails in, and when that was done, I started stringing it. More in depth directions can be found here.


I love it! It’s just the right amount of rustic and fun to add to our walls. And speaking of adding it to our walls, it’s going on a wall that is currently in the process of being made over as we speak. I may or may not have filled the house this week with drills, hammers, and wall caulk. Lots of wall caulk.


But seriously, string art. Do it.

P.S. Can I just say that due to shenanigans at work, it has taken me literally all day to write this post!?

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