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I mentioned that I finally went to Hobby Lobby last week; what I didn’t mention was that my jaw dropped when I walked in. HOLY. FREAKING. AMAZING. I don’t know how big the stores usually are, but this was about the size of our Walmart. HUGE. I took some pictures of some of my favorite things that I found (and then my phone died, leading to a frantic search for a Target in a city I am so unfamiliar with that I got lost multiple times).

Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Am I the only one who had no idea that Hobby Lobby sold furniture? I mean, REALLY!?

2014-02-10_0006I loved some of their pieces:

2014-02-10_0005That card catalog? Holy mother of everything organized.

2014-02-10_0008I really loved these shelves. They were so sturdy (steel and wood) and chunky and had a lovely rustic meets industrial vibe going. Oh, and that alphabet dresser? The nerd inside of me cartwheeled in the aisles when I found it.

2014-02-10_0007How cute would these be in a girls room? They had an entire selection of ottomans, chaise lounges, and wingback chairs.

2014-02-10_0002I absolutely loved the color coded knob aisle. SO MANY CHOICES!

2014-02-10_0009And fake succulents? Come to mama. Oh, and the baskets in the place were insane. Baskets EVERYWHERE.

2014-02-10_0004I thought real hard about bringing one of the huge wire ones home with me, and ultimately realized there was nothing that I had to put in such an enormous basket. But the real winners were the mirrors. Oh, the mirrors.


2014-02-10_0001Love at first sight. My favorite was the one with the peaked tops. They reminded me so much of the old church windows in Europe. If I had enough money and wall anchors, I’d buy two of them and hang them above our bed between the posts. I actually thought about it for a hot minute and then remembered I have bills to pay.

2014-02-10_0010Sidenote: It snowed (only an inch) last night, and this morning, the sun coming through the snowy pine needles was so pretty that I had to snap a few pictures with my phone. Top right is my favorite!

Posts are going to resume next Wednesday, but until then here’s an easy Valentines Day garland! Pardon the sarcasm, I was sick and snarky. Have a good V-day and weekend, y’all!

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