The 12 Degree Sunset

I’ve mentioned the field behind where we live once or twice, right? It’s gorgeous at sunset, and gorgeous when it snows. Sometimes our sunsets are pretty boring in the winter, but occasionally there will be one that will make you pull over and gape. This happened to me a few weeks ago, and I quickly got dressed in a few layers (luckily), grabbed extra mittens and my camera and ran out of the house. Did I mention that it was 12 degrees outside and I needed to hike into the field?

2014-01-14_0005I walked in on a snowmobile trail that was packed down, and the snow was only to my ankles.

2014-01-14_0007It was so beautiful. But I decided that I wanted to move to a corner, so I stepped off of the path…into snow past my knees.

2014-01-14_0009But this? It was worth it. Even though I ended up digging a foxhole and laying in the snow to shoot, it was fantastic.



2014-01-14_0010It was, by far, the best 20 minutes I’ve ever spent laying in the snow. Although I try not to make that a habit.

2014-01-14_0011And the finished sunset? Glorious. But next time I do this, I really hope it’s at least 50 degrees outside.

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