Jute Wrapped Tray

I absolutely love trays. They’re my jam. So when I saw Michaela style a gorgeous lucite tray on her dresser, the perpetual lightbulb over my head lit up. I looooove lucite trays. Lovelovelove. I wanted to DIY one out of an acrylic frame, but those suckers are harder to find than a polar bear in California. I looked everywhere. Finally, as I was about to throw my hands up in the air like I just didn’t care I found this tray at TJMaxx.


Meh. I’ve seen better. But it was really big and really sturdy, and I figured I’d bring it home and style it. If I didn’t like it after a few days, back to the store it was going. Well, a week passed and I was liking the extra space I now had on top of my dresser, but was really hating how much light the black sucked out of the room. I thought about painting it, but wasn’t sure how it would up, and then I remembered that I still had tons of chevron shelf liner leftovers.

2014-01-14_0013So, I stuck the paper on and cut it down. I liked where it was going, but still wasn’t liking the black, so I thought, why not cover it with jute? If I hate it, I can always take it apart and paint it later.

2014-01-14_0014So, I wrapped it in jute (cutting it at the handles), and secured it with hot glue.

2014-01-14_0015I made sure to glue the jute down a lot to ensure that it wouldn’t move around if I decided to use the handles on the tray. Once it was all dried, I put it back on the dresser, and I’m happy to report that the light isn’t sucked out of the corner anymore.

2014-01-20_0001Oh, and remember when I “if you give a mouse a cookie’d” myself? This is the result. The mirror finally got hung on the wall, the dresser got cleared off, and it finally looks a little more streamlined.

2014-01-20_0006Now the tray holds the smaller stuff that used to get pushed around and buried.

2014-01-14_0004The gigantic jar was scooped up at an embarassingly major clearance price after Christmas at TJMaxx (are you seeing a pattern here?). It holds all of my bangles, chunky bracelets, and watches with tons of room to spare. All of my stud earrings are in a small jam jar, and my rings are in a small wooden box from Costa Rica.

2014-01-20_0003Because I was able to find some space on top of the dresser, I was able to put up some pictures. I just adore that picture of my grandfather and I. And the little Bam Bam picture on the right? My parents dressed me up in coyote pelts and put real chicken bones in my hair. #parentingwin

2014-01-14_0001I am so thrilled with how this little project came out! And who knows, it may move around our house like everything else, but for now it’s a great addition to the dresser!

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