Corralling the Junk in Your Car

Is it just me, or do you all have crap accumulate quickly in your cars? I clean it out, turn around, and BAM its full again. It doesn’t help that I basically live out of my car most of the time, so I’m always carrying a sleeping bag and blankets, along with a reflective rain jacket (for work), a change of clothes, extra socks and sneakers (in case I have to respond to a call and I have sandals on), and other assorted car stuff I’ve shoved in the back.

Basically, it’s a mess. We took the Fireman’s nephew to Peaks Island a few weeks ago, and I had to literally scramble to find a space for him to sit. That’s just awkward when a 13 year old tells you your car should get organized. Come see me in a few years when you’re driving, buddy.

Anyways. It was my uncles birthday a few weeks ago, and I was scrambling to find a basket to put his presents in. I found one at TJ Maxx, but by then I’d also bought one at the Christmas Tree Shop and it wasn’t worth it for me to go back and return it. I should mention that the two stores are literally RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. If that’s not ultimate laziness, I don’t know what is.

OHMYGOD ANYWAYS. I had this basket, and a car full of crap that desperately needed to be corralled.


Please pardon more laziness by the fact that I couldn’t be bothered to change my lenses out and decided to shoot with a 50. My bad.


Here’s the basket I started with. Not bad, but it was a little bit too “I hold diapers in the nursery” for my taste, so I easily changed it up.


First I taped off a section in the middle, with grocery bags (as one does), and then painted the remaining weave with Rustoleum’s Navy Blue.


After I let that dry for a bit, I taped off more in the middle and sprayed that with some white primer I had on hand. Immediately after I painted it, I peeled the tape.


It’s totally crooked and not perfect, but it’s for my car, so I’m not as concerned as I would normally be.


Right now, it’s full of blankets and a rain jacket. I don’t mean to sound like a Stark, but winter is coming, y’all (Game of Thrones anyone…? No? Awkward…). And our bases are freaking COLD in the winter. Plus I never know if I’m going to have to stay over, so it’s just easier for me to be prepared.


It’s perfect for the seat. And when the time comes, it can hold whatever I need…food, bottles, bags, etc. The nephew would approve.

PS…we got hooked on Game of Thrones by a coworker. The Fireman is so involved in it sometimes that the nerd in me does cartwheels. For someone who’s never even SEEN Harry Potter, I’m thrilled.

PPS…Harry Potter’s next.

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